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We are a family team of nutrition therapist and alternative medicine practitioner, midwife nurse/ plant-based culinary artist and home-grown lifestyle therapists. Our goal is to empower and motivate you on how to use the art of detoxification and regeneration to re-claim back your good health.
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Our focus areas
of educational media.

Our clients often struggle because of ignorance or misinformation. Our literature is easy to grasp and simple to implement. If you are struggling with health issues or simply want to grow old well, we recommend at least one health and wellness consultation.

Our choices form the foundation of our future health. Learning how to make healthy choices is the most powerful weapon against disease and premature ageing. Our coaching, books and media lay a solid foundation for the choices which help to combat disease.

Our bodies go into Disease when we deviate from the design principles. Most diseases are caused by lifestyle and can be reversed through lifestyle changes. We help you uncover the reasons for disease and teach you how to regain your health.

A strong immune system is our first and best defence against viruses and bacteria. The global pandemic has proven the benefits of a plant based diet and living the basic principles of health. We help you build your immunity naturally to arm you against all disease.

Health Coaching Process

Our coaching process

Personal Health coaching is fast becoming the best way to help individuals reach their health goals and claim back their vitality. Here are the steps we follow in getting you back on track.

1st Step.

By completing our comprehensive online questionnaire we get a good general perspective on your health and wellness, your habits and health goals to help you reclaim your health and plan for a better future.

2nd Step.
Online Consult

A one hour face to face online chat or if necessary over the phone where we can discuss your Health Assessment and Personalised Wellness goals. We get to know you better and uncover the details and context of your circumstances.

3rd Step.
Crafting your Strategy

Together we creating your Personalised Nutrition and Wellness Program based on the results of the assessment and ZOOM / Phone chat. We partner with you to help you back to health or to stay in good health.

4th Step.
You make payment

We generate our income from consulting. As much as we wish we had sponsors to keep us going, we also need to eat. In order to go to the next step in the consulting process, you need to pay.

5th Step.

A one hour Nutrition & Wellness Coaching session where we cover your Personalised wellness program which is emailed to you on proof of your email upon confirmation of receipt of payment

6th Step.

2 x 30 minutes free follow-up sessions to monitor progress and ensure you are on track to reach your wellness goals. We guide and give you tips and tricks to help you make better health decisions

Frequently asked questions

What clients will get?

  • ✓ Menu plan
  • ✓ Health life plan
  • ✓ Lifestyle Medicine Plan
  • ✓ Home remedies plan
  • ✓ 90 days online support
  • ✓ Food as Medicine plan
  • ✓ 90 Day Restoration personalised program to shift illness to Wellness
  • ✓ Online Questionnaire comprehensive health assessment through assessment summary of risk factors and Solutions

Outcomes of the wellness coaching

  • ✓ Get well fast
  • ✓ Stay healthy
  • ✓ Think clearly
  • ✓ Live productively
  • ✓ Reduce stress levels
  • ✓ Have high energy levels
  • ✓ Shift illness into Wellness
  • ✓ Natural weight management
  • ✓ Determine the root causes of disease
  • ✓ Rebalance the body with food as medicine