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Many people think that the older you become, the more conscious you should become of what you eat or the way you live. They believe that as a child or as long as you are young, there is no need to deny yourself the so-called pleasures that come as a result of indulgence in eating and lifestyle habits. But we can always learn from the farmers.

Every farmer knows that if they do not look after their plants from the nursery bed, they will mess up the quality of those plants for good. Even if they apply fertilizer at a later stage, the quality will still be compromised. The same principle applies to us human beings. If we do not look after our children starting from the womb, after birth, and during the growing years, their health will be compromised throughout life. We all know of children who have learning difficulties just because their mothers or fathers were consuming a lot of alcohol either before conception (in the case of fathers) or when expecting them.


Only good seeds can produce good crops. Good nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices are crucial even before conception. How you look after your health as a mother and even as a father, before you decide to have a child, contributes a lot to the health of your offspring. If a father is an alcoholic or smokes cigarettes, that affects the quality of his sperm. The same applies if the mother enjoys her alcoholic drinks or smokes, especially during pregnancy. 


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