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Recovering from diseases as well as prevention has a lot to do with the how we eat and how we live. The food you eat can lead you to health or acute and chronic diseases.  And it’s not just food, the way we live, our lifestyle is another major culprit of today’s degenerative diseases. Diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, obesity, poor memory, mental fogginess, candida, hormonal imbalances and many more have their root in poor eating and living habits.  In this Survivors Guide, you will learn the art of eating well and living well for the health of it. As you apply these simple but life changing principles in life, expect your physical and mental health improving as well as a speedy recovery from sickness. Remember the body is designed to be self-healing system. All we need is to create an environment where healing can take place. That’s what Eat Well, Live Well is all about. Empowering you to claiming back your good health

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