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Ever wonder why some people who seem to have less income and material wealth are sometimes the healthiest and the happiest? This does not suggest that we must be poor. I believe it is prudent to be ambitious and invest intelligently for the future. But in this materialistic era, when we hear more prayers for financial breakthroughs than prayers for salvation we are not winning the war on poor health. Another missing ingredient in our medicine box is social wellness. People are naturally social beings. The quality of our social life equals the quality of our health.


Did you know that couples who are happily married have stronger immune systems than their single peers or even worse those in miserable relationships? Of course, marriage is a double-edged sword. A happy marriage is a source of good health. If you are blessed with a wonderful family thank God; it works just as well as medicine. Every time you smile from your heart, the production of your white blood cells increases, which means a powerful resistance to illness. The sense of security in a trusting relationship also does the trick in boosting general health.

On the other hand, a toxic marriage, if nothing is done about it, can destroy your health and reduce you to a chronic patient. You start with mental breakdown due to depression. When mental health is under attack, the whole body system sympathises. Mental breakdown can lead to ulcers, cancers, blood pressure and other side effects which may include over eating or under eating. Hence, it is important to do whatever it takes to build a happy family. Yes, challenges will come, electricity and water bills will never stop coming, the children’s school

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